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1.75 CT Spinel, AIGS Certified, Purple Color, Super Clean Gemstone.

Description: Listing is for a Gorgeous / Lustrous, AIGS Certified, 100% Natural Spinel and it weighs 1.75 carats. This Flawless Clean Gemstone, Octagon Shape, Clean Purple Color, is size 9.05 x 5.86 X 3.52 mm. Absolutely gorgeous gemstone, perfect cut/color/clarity, for an engagement ring or any special event in your life. Highlights:
  • Handmade
  • Carat weight: 1.75

1.77 CT Spinel, Deep Noble Red Color, VVS, Superior Cut and luster.

Description: Listing is for a gorgeous deep dark Noble Red Spinel from Myanmar. This Perfectly Shaped spinel is 1.77-carat size, VVS Clarity, 6.7 X 6.7 X 4.6 mm. Please note this is a dark red not vivid red. Highlights:
  • Handmade
  • Carat weight: 1.77

Certified Natural Spinel – Purplish Pink, Burma, Trillian Cut 3.62 CT, VVS

Description: Listed for sale is a Purplish Pink Natural Burmese Spinel, 3.62CT, VVS Clarity. Certified through GLC to authenticate it as a Spinel. We are adding this great bargain piece to Nava's deals page. It is on the darker purplish-pink but for the price, it's a steal. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. Highlights:
  • Handmade
  • Materials: Gem type: Ruby

Certified Spinel, 2.49CT, Purple-Pink, Cushion Cut, Clean IF, Burmese

Description: Listing is for a Burmese Spinel, 2.49CT, Deep Purple-Light Pink tint, Cushion Cut, Flawless Spinel. If you like dark deep Purplish color gemstone, this is a perfect one. It does have good luster and shine. I am always biased towards spinel because it is an excellent alternative to Ruby and Sapphire but at a lower cost. For centuries people mistaken Spinel's for Rubies since they are hard to distinguish without proper training and lab evaluation. Even the 100CT "Ruby" set on one of Queen Elizabeth's crowns was later tested to be a Spinel. It is durable (Hardness scale=8) and can stand everyday use. Spinel is known as the "Great Imposter" for Ruby and it is an awesome gemstone that we highly recommend for those with a smaller budget. Highlights:
  • Handmade
  • Carat weight: 2.49