GIA: Almost all our investment grade or premium gemstones (and jewelry) are certified through GIA. This is the most recognized certification in the world. We highly recommend that you certify all your high priced jewelry through GIA. A GIA certification is likely to increase the value of your precious investment.     

AIGS: Some of the gemstones we sell are certified through AIGS since they are a highly reputable and respected gem lab.

GLC: We use GLC lab in Thailand for our mid-range or lower cost gemstones. GLC is well known within the gemstone dealer network. Our experience with them is very positive and their results were fairly identical to GIA or AIGS. They testing fees are lower than the top two and we use them regularly to randomly test our vendor delivery. More than 50% of our stones are randomly selected to undergo GLC lab test to ensure the stones authenticity, any heating, treatments etc... Some of the stones are then recertified through GIA especially if it is set on a custom jewelry.