About Us

Welcome to Nava Gemstones. The Home of High Quality Beautiful Gemstones

Nava Gemstones was launched to fill a gap in the industry. We wanted to provide people around the world with a single place to buy high quality, 100% natural and unheated gemstones, as well as custom made jewellery that will be cherished for life.

When it comes to Gemstones, unless you are a professional gemologist, it can be difficult to assess and verify the authenticity of the stone. Many of us have to rely on a jewelry store not only for evaluations, but also to purchase stones and jewelry from in the first place. This purchasing process can be costly due to their hold and control over the diamond and gemstone market, as well as their needs to cover their own expenses and costs.

We can also custom make your Jewelry. Our Jewelers are skilled craftsman and can custom make your rings, pendants, etc... 

With Nava Gemstones, there are no hidden costs. You only pay for what you are purchasing - beautiful natural gemstones and jewelry.


Our Made to Order Jewelry:

Please visit our Made to Order section to see what we offer. You can either select a gemstone from our site or give us an idea what you are looking for. once we have your checklist, we will find the gemstone after it meets our quality process. We have access to high quality Sapphires, Spinels, Tanzanites, and other precious/semi-precious gemstones at a reasonable cost. All our "Made to Order" jewelry comes with full life time warranty.  


Why Are Nava Gemstones Different? 

Our Gemstones are each handpicked and selected from our suppliers by our expert gemstone team. They are then taken to our partner diamond jewelers in the world renowned diamond district in Manhattan, New York. Here our partners carry out a further thorough inspection, and check to make sure each gem has not gone under and enhancements, treatments or heating. Any gemstones that have been through this process are deemed unfit to sell, are returned to our suppliers or sold at a discount as "lot purchase" to eBay or other online based businesses.

This process is a little more time consuming than others, but we stick by it as we wish to maintain standards of only selling 100% natural gemstones of the highest quality. Most are investment grade gemstones and we can help you picking the right stone.  

At Nava Gemstones, we focus on supplying gemstones of superior cut, colour and clarity. All of our gemstones are VS, VVS or IF-Loupe quality assured, as well as certified and birth registered by the GIA as an authentic gemstone. So you know you are purchasing the very best in quality