About Nava Gemstone



Nava Gemstones is a proud Veteran owned business. We are registered in Texas and offer only high-quality, precious gems from all over the world. Our mission is to take the complication out of buying natural gemstones. Along with quality assurance, there are no hidden fees or costs involved in your purchase.

Unheated Gemstones at a Reasonable Price

Unheated gemstones are a rare find and, therefore, more valuable than those that have been treated. When shopping with us, you can be confident that all our gems are 100% natural and pure. Additionally, we promise to always keep our gemstones at a fair and honest price.

Gemstone Cut, Color, and Clarity

Keeping our quality promise to customers means every gemstone we sell is of a superior cut, color, and clarity. Moreover, all our gems are VS, VVS, or IF-Loupe quality assured and both certified and registered with the GIA (or other recognized labs) as authentic gemstones.

Made-to-Order Jewelry

Are you looking for a rare gemstone or want to create a special jewelry piece for an anniversary or birthday? Let us help you find what you’re looking for. All our made-to-order jewelry come with a lifetime warranty.

Along with our exceptional quality products, we provide excellent customer service. Plus, we will deliver your gemstones or jewelry to you free of charge anywhere in the United States.

The name Nava pays homage to our founders
7-year-olddaughter, who is the apple of his eye.


We specialize in loose gemstones and custom projects that you and your loved one will cherish for life. Let us help you choose a colorful gemstone to be the key feature of your custom-designed engagement ring. Along with being non-traditional, a gemstone engagement ring is both gorgeous and durable. We can also help you design birthstone earrings for a special birthday or a gemstone brooch for Mother’s Day with our high-quality jewelry stones.


When you purchase a loose gemstone, you’ll be able to inspect it more easily. You’ll spot blemishes more quickly and see the stone’s color or hue more clearly than if it were already in a jewelry setting. We also like to sell gemstones in this way because our customers can pick the exact color, cut, and shape that they want for their one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. More importantly, you’ll save a lot of money when you buy a loose gemstone from Nava Gemstones.


Building strong relationships with quality suppliers is part of the secret to our success. Each gemstone is handpicked and thoroughly examined for flaws before we add it to our collection. We are committed to purchasing only the best quality gemstones to market to you. Many of our gems are deemed to be investment grade because of their superior cut, color, and clarity. Not to mention, you can shop with us with confidence, knowing there are no hidden costs or fees that will raise the price of your purchase.