It is a fascinating mystery whether your diamond is real or not. Most diamond sellers try to bedazzle diamond buyers by showing fake proof that their diamond is real. Many people take their diamonds to a reliable retailer for an assessment. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to test a diamond to see whether it is real or fake. See the following four wonderful methods to try to verify your diamond is real.



The first method is the fog test. Put the diamond to be tested in front of your mouth and blow fog on it like you do to clean the mirror. If the fog stays on the diamond, even for a short time, the diamond is fake. A real diamond will not hold the fog, even for an instant. It will disappear within the time, bow the fog and look at the diamond. A real diamond will remain clean and clear during the continuous fog.

Fake Or Real Diamonds


A real diamond will not set on any cheap metal. It will only set on real platinum or gold. The stamps, including 10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 750, 900, 950, and Plat mean that they are authentic. However, a “C.Z” stamp indicates that the stone is not a real diamond. Cubic zirconia, in short, is C.Z, which is a type of synthetic diamond.

cushion-cut engagement ring


The loupe of a jeweler can be used for inspecting your diamond wedding jewelry. It is unusual to have the loupe in any household. If you want to go to big-budget diamond shopping, you can borrow it from any jewelry store. Usually, mined diamonds have little natural imperfections called inclusions, which can be observed on the loupe. Look for very little color changes or slight mineral flecks. These signs will prove that you are inspecting an imperfect but real diamond.

A real diamond from Nava Gemstones


This method involves the refractivity of the diamond. A diamond sharply reflects or bends the light passing through it, which results in a striking appearance. Other stones, such as glass or quartz, have a less reflective index than diamonds. Ways to inspect the refraction are:

  • Put the stone on a newspaper. If you can read the newspaper writing through the stone, or even see the black smudges, the stone is not a real diamond.
  • Put a dot mark with a pen on a white paper, and place the diamond on the dot center. If you are able to see the circular reflection through the stone, it is not a diamond. If you cannot see the dot through the stone, then it is a real diamond.

These simple methods can ensure that you are buying a real diamond and not just a fake stone. It will also eliminate the hassle of taking it to another jeweler for cross-checking.

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