At Nava Gemstones, we specialize in fancy colored diamonds. We have been selling these rare gems for over 20 years and have a large collection for you to choose from. All our fancy diamonds are naturally occurring and come with GIA Certificates. To buy colored diamonds we have for sale at rock bottom prices, click here.



Because of their rare color, these diamonds are the most expensive of all. Naturally occurring fancy diamonds have a color outside the regular D – to – Z color range (learn about grading diamond color here .) Some diamond sellers call them “Fancies,” and these include pink diamonds, blue diamonds, and yellow diamonds. Some naturally occurring colored diamonds, such as the Hope Diamond, are so rare they command top prices. They can attain such high prices because of their great rarity, attraction, and the affinity they draw from diamond collectors and connoisseurs. It has been estimated that only one out every 10,000 natural diamonds are considered to be of fancy color.

Grading these precious gems is a very complicated and complex task. The most important factor in evaluation is, of course, the beauty and richness of the color. The best grading technique today is the GIA Certification for Fancy Colored Diamonds using its 9- level scale. The GIA grading scale ranges from “Faint” and “Very Light,” which, in truth, are not really fancy color grades, to “Fancy Deep” and “Fancy Vivid,” where the saturation and intensity of the color just boggles the mind. Most jewelers and diamond wholesalers will never even see a fancy colored diamond.


Both the cut and the clarity of these rare gems are usually less important than the actual color. Their intense beauty can usually distract the eye from small and less obvious inclusions, although large and very obvious inclusions can lower the diamond’s appeal. Altogether, when compared to colorless stones, clarity is much less of a factor when determining their value.

Fancy Colored Diamonds from Nava Gemstones

Fancy diamonds also tend to be smaller, and usually weigh less than a carat. Larger fancy diamonds are much rarer than colorless counterparts and therefore are much more valuable. As the size of the fancy stone increases, the cost increases as well.

Prices are largely determined by the color and carat weight. In the weaker color grades of “Light” and “Faint,” the colored diamonds generally trade for the same price as near-colorless stones of comparable clarity, weight, and cut. The relatively low price for these stones is a response to the weak appearance of their color.

In the stronger color grades, “Fancy” through “Fancy Intense,” diamond prices are higher but still somewhat realistically affordable, especially if you can buy them at wholesale.

The top fancy colored diamond grades, “Fancy Deep” and “Fancy Vivid,” have diamond prices that jump sharply because of their rarity.

At Nava Gemstones, we specialize in gemstones and fancy colored diamonds and can supply you with the diamond of your dreams at a price no one can beat.

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