In historical times as well as now, numerous men and women have attributed a great deal of magic powers to the Amethyst stone. Starting with how the stone gained its name, the ancient Greeks believed that the displaying of Amethyst gemstones would allow you to remain sober and concentrated while warding off intoxication. For this reason, the title Amethyst came from the Greek expression “amethustos” which means “sober.” Actually, this supposed power lead to Roman and Greek Soldiers consuming alcohol from goblets created from Amethyst.


In Hindu and Buddhism, there’s the idea that the human body could be broken down to 7 distinct “chakra” or points where your power permeates from. In this religious tradition, the Amethyst jewel is utilized as an aspect of the therapy to activate the seventh Chakra, which is the Chakra that originates at the person’s “head.” It really is regarded that the Amethyst provides the bond between the physical along with the spiritual self, and so providing calm and solace.

In New Age faith, the Amethyst has been recognized for its number of protective and healing properties, put to use by putting on either Amethyst rings, pendants, or having Amethyst stones around your residence. The curative powers consist of the capability for the Amethyst to alleviate a headache, or other health conditions relating to the heart or lungs.

Amethyst Gemstone Properties

The Amethyst gemstone also has deep roots with use in Feng Shui, on account of the jewel’s powers to bestow protection, healing, and prosperity. The powerful effects consist of the capability to combat addictive habits, stop nightmares, while also having other healing properties. A number of the methods of using the Amethyst stone with Feng Shui consist of the following:

  1. Having an Amethyst geode situated on your work table will encourage attentiveness along with a productive work ethic. The Amethyst will also strengthen your mental competencies, such as inventiveness and intelligence.
  2. To be able to avoid a cheating partner, an Amethyst geode on a red string can be tied to the base of your bed on the side you sleep.
  3. Presently, Amethyst Rings and pendants are being worn commonly by ladies to achieve the positive effects of Feng Shui.
  4. By setting an Amethyst geode next to your bed at night will enable you to acquire a great night’s sleep, and avoid the fear of nightmares or hours of restlessness.
  5. By having an Amethyst geode at the Northeast end of your lounge area will promote the intellect and competence all throughout the house.
  6. When you have any particular rooms or offices in the house or workplace which can be inclined to harbor discontent and discord, by placing Amethyst gems within those rooms, this will promote tranquility and goodwill between family members or staff.

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